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Lula to Chavez: “Your Victory Will be our Victory”

Jul 9th 2012


Below is the complete message that Brazilian leader, Luiz Inacio  Lula da Silva, sent to the Sao Paulo Forum in Caracas.

Comrades, In 1990, when we created the Sao Paulo Forum, none of us  thought that in just two decades we would get to be where we are now. At that time, the Left was governing only in Cuba. Today, we  govern a large number of countries and even where we are in  opposition, parties belonging the Forum are gaining an increasing influence in  political and social life.

Progressive governments are changing the face of Latin America.  Thanks to them, our continent is developing rapidly, with economic  growth, job creation, distribution of wealth and social inclusion.  Today, we are an international reference point for a successful alternative to  neoliberalism.

Of course, we still have more work to do. Events which have taken place, in Honduras and Paraguay for instance, show why we have to keep struggling, so  that democracy prevails in our region. The existence of colonies in our  continent, as in the case of the Malvinas, which evidently belong to  Argentina, remind us how much we have to fight to maintain national  and regional sovereignty and for that we require more Latin American and  Caribbean integration.

Our countries are still marked by poverty and inequality. We require  more economic growth, social policies and structural reforms to build  the developed, fair and fraternal society we long for. In everything that we  have done up until now, which is a lot, the Forum and parties of the Forum have  played a significant role, which could be even more important if we maintain our main characteristic: unity in the face of adversity.

I would like to say good bye adding that I would really like to be  there. Not only to be part of the delegation, the Workers’  Party delegation, but also to give a warm embrace to comrade Hugo Chavez. With Chavez’s leadership, the venezuelan people has made extraordinary gains. The popular classes have never ever been treated with such respect,  love and dignity. Those conquests must be preserved and strengthened.

Chavez, count on me, count on the PT (Brazilian Workers’ Party), count on the solidarity and  support of each left-wing militant, each democrat and each Latin  American. Your victory will be ours. A strong embrace, a fraternal  embrace and thanks comrade for everything you have done for Latin  America.


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