From Belize Land Professionals

Belize Land Professionals

It seems that there is only fighting in Belize these days. No more unity and associating. All associations and societies that once held people of similar interest together have vanished or dwindled to the few who refuse to give up and still believe that in unity there is strength.
  In days gone by, several lodges were recruiting men and women for their international societies in which they were t
aught how to use available resources to improve their lives. These societies were well structured and their influence made them attractive worldwide. Today, lodges in Belize are down to a few with mostly dilapidated temples and generally no activities. Port Loyola residents once enjoyed the lodge hall on Caesar Ridge Road for Saturday night parties, children parties, Sunday bingo and just a place to meet friends. The location is now at the heart of street gang war and self-imposed curfew.
Liberty Hall on Barrack Road was the place to be on the weekends and any day in 50’s and 60’s. The facility, owned by the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) and the organization conducted numerous activities for men, women and children. The Black Cross Nurses which still exists today in Belize was the provider of healing for the body and soul of affiliates. Collective bargaining and work was the order of the day and members knew exactly where to find support when necessary and knew how to support brothers or sisters when the tables were turned. This great organization became almost dormant worldwide and in Belize it died for a moment despite great effort and financial input from people like Isaiah Morter and Samuel Haynes. Thanks to those like Emerson Guild, the Liberty Hall is making a comeback and with changes in our society that encourages people to support in order to be supported, it may eventually be restored to or improve beyond what it was.
  It may seem nostalgic to think that societies like these are necessary to curb the mayhem that we are living in but we are social creatures and often when we are lacking outlets for our social callings we become frustrated and feel unfulfilled. Many of you may be thinking that churches offer such redress but most of them seem to be opened on Sundays only in Belize. Street Gangs are opened every day for their members who need to eat and provide for their families and so seem to be much more attractive offers for survival in this harsh economic driven society that we have created. Suppressing them with batons and bullets is not working and will not work because the primal need is not being addressed. They could better help themselves if society would stop trying to suppress them and instead help them to realize a better future without conditions that forces them to disband. The sense of security in togetherness will not be denied.
  Maybe not as bad as the fighting among the gangs and the police department but the NGO’s and most business people are always into some fight that usually drags on forever. UNIBAM, SATIM, OCEANA and the list goes on. While as a society these organizations play vital watchdog roles and any decision can never please everyone, mechanism for fair and decisive actions would make them more effective with their causes. The fighting extend to our communities where often there is no regard for elected officials who oftentimes abandon their post, are not willing to put in the work required to make tough decisions for the benefit of the majority or in some instances bent on serving themselves. It does not stop there and seems to have reached a new low with families fighting and sometimes killing each other. Not new you may say. Cain killed Abel. However, it is a reflection of the kind of society that we are living in today.
Associating with others is what most people want and it would make us more productive. We know that and our country would prosper from it but for some unknown reason, we are going just the opposite way. Even in our political parties who are to set the example of unity there is oftentimes fighting. Perhaps if we talk more with each other, it would bring about amicable solutions and there would be less fighting.



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